Cartoons on Problems and Dilemmas

As a high school history teacher and district superintendent, I had to learn the differences between problems and dilemmas because the former required solutions and the latter required compromises. As a researcher and professor, I worked with K-12 teachers, principals, school board members and superintendents in distinguishing between problems and dilemmas when it came to figuring out school reforms and getting into complexities of classroom practice. Occasionally, I would use cartoons to make my points. I wished that I had used many more than I did. Over the past year, I have collected some that I offer here. Enjoy*

How about some humor in parsing dilemmas?


*These cartoons on topics connected to school reform and classroom practice appear monthly. For those readers who would like to see previous ones, see: “Digital Kids in School,” “Testing,” “Blaming Is So American,”  “Accountability in Action,” “Charter Schools,” and “Age-graded Schools,” Students and Teachers, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Digital Teachers, Addiction to Electronic DevicesTesting, Testing, and Testing, and Business and Schools, and Common Core Standards.



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