Cartoons on Addiction to Electronic Devices

In the media and in the blogosphere, the issue of children and adults being hooked on email, Facebook, Twitter, games, solitaire–you name the “drug”–is commonly aired. Whether the word “addiction” is a metaphor or a real medical condition comes up repeatedly. Some argue that there is a difference between “addiction” and “dependency.” Many parents and teachers, however, do not see it as a metaphor; they take the word seriously. Experts give tips to parents to identify if their children are addicted and what they should do.

Cartoonists do take addiction seriously and poke at it in their snarky ways.

Since September 2011, I have published  cartoons once monthly on different aspects of schools, reform, students, and teachers. See: “Digital Kids in School,” “Testing,” “Blaming Is So American,”  “Accountability in Action,” “Charter Schools,” and “Age-graded Schools,” Students and Teachers, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and Digital Teachers.

Here is a sampling of cartoons and photos on addiction to devices that I have found.  Enjoy.



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