Testing, Testing, and Testing: More Cartoons

The U.S. has tests galore. Driving, alcohol, steroids, DNA, citizenship, blood,  pregnancy–and on and on. Most serve a specific purpose and carry personal consequences if one passes or fails. School tests, however, to pass a course, to be promoted to another grade, to graduate and to judge whether the school is satisfactory or on probation have proliferated dramatically in the past three decades. Opinions are split among Americans about these tests.

Surveys report that most teachers (but by no means all) believe that there is too much standardized testing. Some parents have mobilized to boycott annual tests. Most respondents to opinion polls, however, support curriculum standards, accountability, and, yes, state tests.

Of the many cartoons on testing that I have located, most reflect the opinion that there is too much testing and too much is made of the results. I have found very few–none that I can recall or that I have posted–endorsing standardized tests. Here is a sampling of those cartoons.

For those readers who wish to see previous monthly posts of cartoons, see: “Digital Kids in School,” “Testing,” “Blaming Is So American,”  “Accountability in Action,” “Charter Schools,” and “Age-graded Schools,” Students and Teachers, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Digital Teachers, and Addiction to Electronic Devices.


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12 responses to “Testing, Testing, and Testing: More Cartoons

  1. Keep this stuff coming. Political cartoons can drive policy decisions. We need the policy makers to open their eyes.

  2. Caryl Becker Phillips

    I spit coffee from my nose! Funny cartoons. THey are so funny…because they are so ridiculously true.

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  4. Chris Gold

    Luv the cartoons Larry, I’ll have to use these and the others you listed. Cartoons can deliver the message bettervthan a 10 min talk.

  5. I just looked at this today, Larry, and all I can say is down with standardized testing . What an enormous waste of money and time! Presently, in Ontario we have a provincial test of reading and math in grades 3 and 6, a provincial test of math in grade 9 and a literacy test in grade 10. The department that administers these tests has a budget of 33 million a year. This is money that could be used elsewhere, obviously. When my children went to school 20 years ago, there were phys-ed specialists in the elementary schools as well as itinerant music teachers. These have disappeared but now we wonder why we are concerned about obesity and student engagement. Don’t get me started on about how much time is wasted preparing the kids for these tests. I am predicting that this generation of tested kids will turn out to be the most turned off students we have ever produced.

  6. Thanks. Wish I could share these.

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