Photos of Teachers Teaching During Pandemic

Nearly all businesses and schools closed in March 2020 when the coronovirus spread swiftly across the country. Nearly all schools switched immediately to remote instruction with home-bound students. Within a few months in some districts and over 18 months in other districts (there are 13,000-plus school districts in the U.S,), schools reopened and face-to-face instruction resumed.

How did teachers teach lessons as Covid-19 and variants continued through 2021?

I have sampled photos from a large cache of images that captured one moment in a classroom during the pandemic. In some classrooms, teachers and students wear masks; in others, none do. In some classrooms, desks are far apart; in others, not so. Some teachers continued to teach in-person and remotely–a tough duet to maintain.

School officials wholly dependent upon local health authorities and uncertain about the effects of the virus on children and teachers slowly opened their shuttered classrooms and taught their lessons. These few snapshots of elementary and secondary school teachers show a collage of lessons unfolding during the pandemic.

(Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune) “I try to make it fun,” said Jack Legge, 73, of substituting for Mrs. Grandstaff’s 2nd graders at Northlake Elementary in the Tooele School District. Legge substitutes for several schools in the district.
By Julie Jag
  | Dec. 20, 2020, 5:00 a.m.

During COVID, teachers are managing more non-instructional duties, such as helping online learners with IT problems, monitoring student health and sanitizing their own classrooms. (GettyImages/FatCamera)


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4 responses to “Photos of Teachers Teaching During Pandemic

  1. bluecat57

    “Who is that masked man?”

  2. This is great. As good as your posts are I wish they all included one or more pictures and/or illustrations. I’m sharing this tomorrow (12/30/2021) at Keep up the great work.

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