Photos That Got Me Laughing

Humor is supposed to be good for both body and soul. I believe that. So I have run monthly posts that feature cartoons about various facets of schooling. Recently, I came across photos about people on subways that, for some reason, got me chuckling and hooting with laughter. Yes, I know that humor can be highly individual and what tickles me may not tickle some readers. So be it.

Here are some photos about people on below-ground transportation in big cities that got me smiling. Perhaps they will do the same for some readers.

No, the kitten did not pay a fare

One rider enjoyed fellow passengers

Crow on a ride home
Virtual reality far better than sitting in a crowded car

Between the headline of the newspaper article and the rider getting exercise, I am at a loss for a caption

Looking for a date?

Is this a photo of tech dependency in public?

Nap time (1)

Nap time (2)

Batman meets Darth Vader

Creative use of toilet plunger

Snack time (1)

Snack time (2)

Believe it or not!

Getting past the turnstiles poses a major problem


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2 responses to “Photos That Got Me Laughing

  1. Bruce Shields

    IDK. I really enjoy your emails/insights. Not crazy about the pics on the subway. Sorry.

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