Schooling Around the World (Part 7)

India has 1.4 billion people. Of that total 250 million attend rural and urban schools about the same enrollment as China (2021). Consider that the U.S. schooled around 50 million students in the same year.

India’s system of public and private schooling is governed at the central, state, and local levels. About four out of five Indian students attend government schools, as they are called. The rest attend private and alternative kinds of schooling. Since two-thirds of India’s population live in rural areas, 70 percent of all Indian children attend school in those areas. Among adults, nearly 80 percent are literate as determined by the 2011 census (three decades earlier, literacy rate was 41 percent). See here.

Here are a few facts about the Indian system of schooling including how public schooling is organized:

What do rural and urban Indian classrooms look like? A sampling of photos in both settings comes from the Internet:

Rural primary school
Village school of children Uttar Pradesh

Physical classes resume in a Ghaziabad school after one student tested positive for Covid-19.

700 Primary Schools In Gujurat Have Only One Teacher (Image : Social Media)

Schools in Maharashtra (Mumbai) were closed down in March 2020 after the outbreak of the pandemic; they reopened mid-December 2021

Karnataka Primary School

Kerala: Classroom use of technology used in pilot project in Alappuzha, Puthukad, Kozhikode North and Taliparamba, 2016.

Teaching activities taking place in a classroom in Gujarat, India.
Photo: Luke Strathmann | J-PAL

A village school in Kovalam, Kerala India

Apart from textbook lessons, Sandhya Shanmugam TV said she applies lessons from her own life in her classes. (Express)

New Delhi High School Class


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