Cartoons about Life during Covid

Vaccinations against Covid-19 have picked up, infections were down then plateaued, and now have risen a tad but the outlook is far more positive than it was in January. So this monthly feature of cartoons will look at life during Covid. It will be the last set of stabs at humor about the year of the plague and the gradual resumption of “normal” activities. Enjoy!



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2 responses to “Cartoons about Life during Covid

  1. Ann Staley

    Fun and funny. I can tell that you’re doing well, Larry. Courtney and I are just exhausted. I’m tired of cooking. I’ve de-cluttered every drawer and shelf in my home, have time to read the current New Yorker all the way through in one sitting. I’ve done many ZOOM meetings: book club, Tuesday Writing Group, Saturday Writing Group, the Poetry Appreciation Group (each of us brings a poem we like; sometimes there is a theme or a particular writer, say Mary Oliver or Bill Collins, but you get the idea.) I’m guessing that you’re doing the same thing, plus, I know, working on your next book.

    Your daughter and granddaughter now live in the area. Have you received both vaccinations? Have they? I hope you’re able to visit with each other.

    Courtney and I have had our vaccinations for a month. Restaurants are now open and/or have outside seating which gives us the opportunity to share a meal, visit with friends. What a year! There are going to be memoirs written, scientists writing about the virus, community leaders writing about the issues they dealt with and had to decide upon. The next generation will be reading about all of this in the way that my parents did about the 1918 flu. I’m not writing a book but have a few poems ready for my next books: Small Beauties, The Spirit That Moves In All Things. The first one a chapbook, the second a full-length collection. Hopefully to be published in June.

    Sending my gratitude and love, Ann


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