Cartoons on Old Technologies for Nostalgic Readers

Anyone under the age of 35, do not look at these cartoons. I target the middle-aged and elderly viewers of this blog for a trip down a memory lane of old technologies.

Wait. Maybe for those under 35, take a look. I have also included some that may skewer them. Enjoy!



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5 responses to “Cartoons on Old Technologies for Nostalgic Readers

  1. Laura H. Chapman

    Great collection. My favorite is Day the Museum.

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  3. George Eller

    Hi Larry,

    I too appreciated the irony of Day at the Museum.

    In preparation for sending the photo to a friend, I had to look up the spelling for ‘Rijksmuseum’. While I was doing that, I learned that there may be more to the story of the image of the students sitting in front of Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’ looking at their cell phones. From what I’ve learned, the school group was in the museum December 7, 2014 when the photo was taken and posted and then went viral – kids more interested in their phones than Rembrandt’s masterpiece.

    In response to the original post, Lammie Oostenbrink replied: “fyi: the kids used the iphones as part of the tour of the museum. Special app.” She included a different photo of those same students sitting in front of another painting and listening (attentatively) to a guide.

    Unfortunately, ‘students appreciate Golden Age Dutch master’s work of art’ has far less of a ring to it. It serves as a reminder that we often see what we want to see – and while the reality may be somewhat less spectacular, it may be the more important.

    • larrycuban

      Now that is a wonderful story about the photo in the museum. I was unfamiliar with the alternative interpretation–perhaps the accurate one. Like you say–we see what we want to see. Thanks, George.

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