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Cartoons on Teachers and Kids in School

For this month, I am returning to an old theme for cartoons–school interactions between students, teachers, and parents. Enjoy! Advertisements

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Cartoons about Teachers and Little Kids in and Out of School

For this month, I have collected a bunch of cartoons about pre-school, kindergarten, and family interaction with young children. Some made me laugh out loud and some made me smile. Whatever your reaction, enjoy the cartoonists’ pens as they capture … Continue reading


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Cartoons on the Pluses and Minuses of Technology

Living in Silicon Valley as I do and seeing every-day technologies around me in people walking, eyes down, looking at their smart phones, electric autos, and driver-less cars, so much is taken for granted. The cornucopia of technology runneth over. … Continue reading


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Cartoons about Silicon Valley and Technology

For this month, I have found a dozen or so cartoons that poke fun at the culture of Silicon Valley and life with technology. Enjoy !                        


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Cartoons on Schooling and Reform

The batch of cartoons I have collected for this month are about schooling, reform, and counter-reforms in the second decade of the 21st century. I hope you smile, chuckle, and grin. Or maybe, grind your teeth or slap your brow. … Continue reading


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Cartoons: A Mix This Month

Over the past seven years, I have published monthly cartoons on various aspects of policy and practice, school reform, etc. This month, the cartoons are a mix of ones that tickled me over the year. Yeah, I know, these choices … Continue reading


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Cartoons on University Teaching

In looking for cartoons that caricature professors, research, and teaching–viewers of this blog have all seen up close professors teach–I found a few that got me to chuckle. Perhaps they will get you to grin. Enjoy!         … Continue reading


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More Cartoons on Teaching and Learning Math in and out of School

Cartoons about teaching academic subjects have appeared in this monthly feature many times. Teaching and learning math in and out of school, it seems, gives cartoonists’ pens ample subject matter to make fun of. This month is no exception. Enjoy … Continue reading


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Cartoons on Computers in Our Lives

Trite as it is to say, but interacting with computers in work, social media, and other parts of our lives is pervasive for readers of this blog. So for this month’s cartoon feature, I have picked a few that tickled … Continue reading


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Cartoons on Parenting

Some cartoons about parenting that I found amusing. Enjoy.                            


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