Cartoons about University Professors

Over the years, I have published a monthly feature of cartoons about many aspect of the institution of schooling and the practice of teaching in the U.S. While I have focused on K-12 public schools, occasionally I would find cartoons that would skewer university professors.

Because I have taught both in K-12 public schools (14 years) and a university (20 years), I experienced the ups-and-downs of teaching teenagers and young adults in class and online. For this month, then, I have gathered cartoons that got me grinning about university teaching. I hope they will occasion a smile, maybe a chuckle, or even a knee-slapper. Enjoy!



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6 responses to “Cartoons about University Professors

  1. These are great! I mainly had excellent college professors, but a couple just liked the sound of their own voices. With my son trying to finish his Gen Ed credits at community college right now, these are definitely relatable. I’d say the Socratic vs. sarcastic applies to elementary as well! Way too much sarcasm going on, sadly. Kids would be more engaged with the Socratic approach.

  2. Milbrey W McLaughlin


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