Cartoons about Schools and Covid (2020-2022)

Fear of Covid-19 and its various mutating viruses continue to shape what happens in schools as we enter a new school year. Most, but not all districts, have dropped mask mandates. The sudden move to remote instruction and reliance on Zoom ended in the 2020-2021 school years. Nearly all districts have retained, however, an option for parents to continue online instruction rather than send their children to school. That option will remain a permanent part of the public school landscape for the immediate future.

School officials (there are over 13,000 districts in the U.S.) have worked hard in informing parents of exposure to the virus and quarantine instructions for those children who are infected.

Chances of policymakers closing schools as they did in 2020-2021 are, however, slim. Nearly all public schools will open in August and September. But Center for Disease Control’s newest guidelines call for local schools to have children mask-up when certain percentages of the county population in which districts are located have become infected. The U.S. Secretary of Education wrote a letter a few months ago laying out what schools should do, given CDC guidelines, when they open their doors this month.

So for the fourth school year in a row, public school educators continue to have their work cut out for themselves even with large-scale vaccinations, growing numbers of children with immunity after infection, and new drugs on the market (see here and here).

Even within these turbulent years, cartoonists have found humor in the impact of this troublesome and lethal virus that has seized the U.S. and the rest of the world. And that is no surprise. Cartoons can prompt chuckles and grins as one way to cope with events out of our control. So for this month I offer a selection of cartoons that I grinned at during these difficult times. I hope they will tickle you as well.


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