Signs in Teachers’ Classrooms

If you have ever taught, your classroom is like a second home and you decorate it to express yourself, make it livable for students for an hour or all day, and inject a bit of humor. I surely did when I taught high school history for many years.

Here is a collection of signs on classroom doors, walls, and whiteboards that both students and teachers sent in to a website. For those readers who want the full collection, see:

Thanks to Janice for sending me the link. Enjoy!

“The Sign in My Co-Worker’s 2nd Grade Classroom”
“A Sign in My School Today”

“Found in My Physics Teacher’s Room”

“One of the English Teachers at My High School Put This in the Hall Outside Her Door”

“Found in a High School Science Classroom”

Chemistry classroom ceiling

English Literature Teacher’s Classroom Door

Music teacher

“The Poster in My Teacher’s Classroom”

“My Teacher Had This on the First Day Back from School”

“Anti-Smoking Campaign Poster I Found in My History Teacher’s Classroom”
“Walked into My Classroom And Saw This.”

“This Sign at My School”

“These Posters in My Math Teacher’s Classroom”

“A Picture I Found in a Classroom at Work”


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2 responses to “Signs in Teachers’ Classrooms

  1. David F

    Hi Larry, thanks for this. Some classrooms in my school are so cluttered with stuff, it’s a wonder that any learning goes on. See this for some discussion:

  2. Reblogged this on From experience to meaning… and commented:
    What a great funny way to start the new school week. I’m thinking of making my own sign now!

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