Cartoons on the “New Normal”

Here’s another batch of cartoons on what all of us have experienced since the pandemic upended our lives. I believe that smiling, chuckling, and even laughing during difficult times is helpful. So Enjoy.


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9 responses to “Cartoons on the “New Normal”

  1. bluecat57

    I hope Home Schooling organizations are spending every penny they can advertising that option for parents.
    They need to explain that the “actual” parent doesn’t need to do the teaching because you can organize groups to take turns teaching. That means most of the parents can go back to work.
    If enough people start home schooling then they can use their kids to contact their elected employees demanding that taxes be lowered or that the materials they use be paid for with tax dollars.

    • larrycuban

      Don’t know about your last sentence, but I would guess that your first three sentences might occur. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Larry: I repost these on my blog https://DrDougGreen.Com every time you post them. By the way, I do teacher observations in a district where things are going well. Teachers seem happy to see kids in person and online. Math classes have gone from the 19th century to the 21st century. The media’s reflexive meme about how kids are suffering doesn’t apply to all. Some are actually doing better. Class disruption, discipline referrals, and bullying are close to zero. Also, the Trump cartoon in this batch isn’t funny. It’s time to move on. Keep up the good work. Dr. Doug Green

    • larrycuban

      Why not write about what you observe,Doug? It would nicely correct the lack of first-hand accounts of re-opened schools.

      • bluecat57

        There’s an example of a “good” school.
        I keep forgetting that there is no such thing as “good news” and that we only read about “sensational exceptions”.
        Applying those to the education system, I will only read about ” bad” schools.
        Shame on me forgetting.

      • If it bleeds it leads. We all should know this. People pushing private schools, charter schools, and vouchers on the right and the left have pushed the notion that public schools have failed and the media has gone along with them without doing much if any investigative journalism. I’ve observed well over 100 teachers since the pandemic started and I see them making a lot of lemonade.

      • I have: Check this out. Green, Douglas W. Back to School COVID Myths, December 22, 2020, Starr Sackstein: Author Blog,

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