Cartoons on Sheltering-in

Two months and counting of being at home during the pandemic. Cartoonists have had full license to comment upon what it is like to stay home with kids and pets, wear masks, and keep physically distant from friends and extended family. As states loosen restrictions, a new “normal’comes into view. Perfect recipe for cartoonists to wield their pens. Enjoy!



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8 responses to “Cartoons on Sheltering-in

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  2. Ann Staley

    A great gathering of cartoons. It’s good when we are able to laugh at a time like this. Love the final cartoon where the parent, after spending a few weeks teaching their children at home, realizes we should be raising teachers salaries!!



  3. Thank you for all the laughs they were very much needed.

  4. You made me laugh
    Amazing post🤘👍

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