Even More Cartoons on Technology

Yes, I know that in the 10 years I have had this blog, I have had cartoons on technology with kids, in schools, in the workplace, and at home. For this month’s cartoons, I have selected new ones that I have not run before. Enjoy!



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3 responses to “Even More Cartoons on Technology

  1. Laura H. Chapman

    A splendid collection. I am seeing more and more of these cartoons about the mysteries and wonders of tech language, devices, and conceptsabout mindfulness.

    I am a fan of Zits. Zits is “a comic strip written by cartoonist Jerry Scott and illustrated by Jim Borgman about the life of Jeremy Duncan, a 16-year-old high school sophomore. The comic debuted in July 1997 in over 200 newspapers and has since become popular worldwide and received multiple awards. Wikipedia Jeremy has a garage band and is tech savvy. His parents are not.

    Jim Borgman is a local hero, Pulitzer prize among others, and friend who offers aspiring caricaturists and others insight into his own training and evolution, some history of caricature (Goya, Daumier), and so on. Prior to collaborating on Zits he produced daily editorial cartoons for the Cincinnati Enquirer.

    Jim created this poster (probono ) in the hope of helping people with autism and other difficulties learn some names of human emotions and identify their own “in the moment.” Translations soon appeared in many languages along with appropriations of many kinds. https://www.amazon.com/Feeling-Borgman-Fantasy-Theraputic-Poster/dp/B01M991DQD?th=1

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