Cartoons on Using Data to make Decisions

Go anywhere in education, medicine, justice system, and, of course, corporate America and evidence-based decision-making and Big Data are the rage. Cartoonists have joined the fray. Enjoy!







































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3 responses to “Cartoons on Using Data to make Decisions

  1. Laura H. Chapman

    This is a wonderful gallery of data themed comics.

    I suggest a gallery that shows some real dashboards with some razzle-dazzle color coding and parsing of all things measurable. For a start look at See the metrics for Social-Emotional Skills, especially page 5, and explore others.

    At one time these colorful gems were all presented in one master format. The metrics are not very different from those used at the website, see the methodology report there at

    Also, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation raises questions in the USA about the issue of who owns data, when, and for what purposes. The right to be forgotten is also being examined internationally. In the USA, the consolidation of ISPs with content providers (e.g. Verizon now owns Yahoo and under the “Oath” brand) and recent vanishing of net neutrality are certain to have some bearing on Internet e-rates for schools and libraries, to say nothing of the new “arbitration or else” clauses in software contracts.

    This is to say the circulation and acquisition of big data is now tied to Internet access and computing power.
    Here is an amazinginternational effort to address the ethical issues emerging with data gathered and circulated though artificial intelligence systems

    • larrycuban

      As before, Laura, thanks for adding to issues of Big Data that I displayed with the cartoons. Inadvertently, I raised issues that took you to respond with links to dashboards I had no knowledge of. I was surprised by what Core Districts collect from students on social-emotional learning items. And the European initiative to look at ethical issues that arise from intelligent systems. Appreciate your extending my boundaries.

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