Cartoons on Schooling and Reform

The batch of cartoons I have collected for this month are about schooling, reform, and counter-reforms in the second decade of the 21st century. I hope you smile, chuckle, and grin. Or maybe, grind your teeth or slap your brow. Whatever your reaction, enjoy!merit+pay



























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11 responses to “Cartoons on Schooling and Reform

  1. Gerry

    The therapeutic to say the least! Keep them coming.

    Gerry Quinn St. Louis, MO

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  2. Ron

    I know that I’m an old cloud of smelly air but I remember the one room schools I taught in. No personalized instruction with only one student per grade. Group work in science and social studies was a big problem because the students weren’t at the same level so the projects parts had to be assigned by ability. No computer simulations so we had to do things with stuff from the real world. Parents were always in the classroom fixing the roof or lunch, teaching quill work or basket making. The only education expert seen in the school was the teacher. I hear things have improved.

    Thank God I’m retired!

  3. Reblogged this on From experience to meaning… and commented:
    It’s a bit too early for a Funny on Sunday – and tomorrow’s post will be a bit cryptic for some – but this bunch of cartoons on schooling and reform collected by Larry Cuban is too funny not to share.

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