Cartoons: A Mix This Month

Over the past seven years, I have published monthly cartoons on various aspects of policy and practice, school reform, etc. This month, the cartoons are a mix of ones that tickled me over the year. Yeah, I know, these choices tilt toward life in a digital world. So be it. Enjoy!



parents-kids Groupon























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3 responses to “Cartoons: A Mix This Month

  1. Laura H. Chapman

    For a long time I included selections like these in conference presentations. Then my national association required (a) copyright permissions for any conference presentations, and (b) my agreement to allow the organization to record the session and make it available for professional development via the web. I have not made a presentation in this conference area since that set of requirements. Just wondering if you have encountered similar conditions, and how you address the copyright issue in sharing these delightful images.

    • larrycuban

      Over the seven years, my monthly blog feature of cartoons has received three comments from viewers that I have not followed the existing copyright law. In each instance, I replied that I take no ads for my blog, receive no compensation for doing a blog, and I show cartoon once and make sure that the author’s name is visible. One of the three commenters replied and said my reasons did not meet copyright restrictions. In making talks and writing books, however, for which I get paid, whenever I have used cartoons or photos in either a presentation or book, I request permission and pay the fee, if there is one.

  2. Laura H. Chapman

    Thanks for this reply. The rules of thumb on noncommercial use are helpful. I recently requested permission to quote some copyrighted national standards. The permission form was a doozy, really anxious about any criticism of the standards.

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