Cartoons on Digital Life

For this month, I have selected an array of cartoons that slice-and-dice the influence of digital technologies on our daily lives. Enjoy!


























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7 responses to “Cartoons on Digital Life

  1. Hi Larry,

    I believe the most appropriate comment is LOL 😉

    Pictures can indeed be worth a thousand words. As a bit of an aside, I wonder if you had seen that picture of the children in that museum in Amsterdam “ignoring” Rembrandt’s masterpiece and whether you knew the real story behind it.

    Best wishes


    • larrycuban

      Thanks, Jose’ for the comment and the “real story” behind the bash-kids-using-smart-phones-to-see-Rembrandt. I was unfamiliar with the event so thanks for alerting me to it.

  2. Reblogged this on X, Y of Einstein? and commented:
    De maandelijkse verzameling cartoons van Larry Cuban, enjoy!

  3. sydneymitchell17

    Hi Larry! I really enjoyed this blog post! Technology is definitely changing the world that we live in today! It is really interesting to see the new technologies that people have come up with in recent years. I am wondering, how can we use these new technologies in the classroom to better aid students? I think that the best way to make school interesting, is to use tools that students find interesting, so I think that using technology that students might use at home would be a great way to spike their interest in the their schoolwork as well! I think that teachers should try to think of technology as not a hindrance in their classrooms, but an asset to help aid their teaching!

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