Cartoons on School Boards, Superintendents, and Principals

This monthly cartoon feature looks at those in authority in the 14,000-plus school districts in the U.S.  Cartoonists’ pens caricature those in positions of authority–a favorite among those who draw for a living–and reveal both the strengths and shortcomings of citizens and educators who serve the community’s children and adults. Enjoy!

'The superintendent is saving money by training driver's ed students in school buses.'






'The recurring poor enrollment prognostications plays havoc with our school district's budget. What will next year's enrolment be.'




'There's a meeting at school tonight, Dad. The superintendent, the principal, the school board, and you.'


'Making all of our district schools more adept at teaching math and science sounds like a good idea. Run it by legal first.'


'I chose 'Superintendent' for Career Day and fired all the math teachers.'







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8 responses to “Cartoons on School Boards, Superintendents, and Principals

  1. These are hilarious! A laughable collection. I loved the woman Superintendent “running it by legal”!!! I imagine you’ll get lots of comments on these, including the quote by Milton B. (I cannot seem to get the right spelling for his last name. So much for spell-check!)

    • larrycuban

      Milton Berle was the network comic of the ’50s–well before your TV viewing. Spell Check I can live with, but auto-correction drives me mad, Ann. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Chris Saden

    Hi Larry,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a little over two years, and I wanted to say thank you for sharing your perspective and readings. I appreciate the constraints that you hold yourself to when writing as well as your clarity when describing technology, classroom teaching, ed reform, politics, and leadership. I knew very little about the history of education prior to reading your blog, and I’m happy to say I have wonderful guide posts for learning more.

    I most appreciate how your articles push me to think more deeply about the education landscape, teaching, and incremental change. I taught high school mathematics in Oakland, and I volunteered some time at Everett Middle School which is a few block away from Mission High School in San Francisco. Many of your articles lead me to reflect upon my own practices as an educator as well as my future involvement in education.

    Last but not least, I wanted to express my enthusiasm for the poems and comics that you share. They reveal the delights, the contradictions, the frustrations, and the perceptions (and sometimes misperceptions) of education. My inbox and life are a little more full because of your writings.

    Happy Friday, and thanks again!
    Chris Saden

  3. Wilson Lambert

    Hi Larry, so sorry! I wanted to contact you in an email if that is ok? I have a question I wanted to ask you. Mine is

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