Cartoons about History Teaching and Learning

Over the past few months I have had cartoons about math and science teaching and learning. Much of the humor about teaching different subjects in K-12 schools is at the expense of children and youth (e.g., how little they know, how they distort the past), teachers (e.g., how they rail at students for not knowing the past, tear out their hair at answers students give, how boring their lessons are), the subject itself and how it is taught (no need to give examples here) and the impact of new technologies on teaching and learning about the past. All of the cartoons for this post touch one or more of these bases for getting us to laugh, chuckle, or just smile. I hope there are viewers who do not scratch their heads and wonder where the humor is. Enjoy!



























Jeff Koterba color cartoon for 6/16/2011 "History"











I'm in the den mom, reading the newspaper for social studies class.













'Lesson one...those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.'















































The California Gold Rush was officially initiated with the arrival of the Forty-Niners.









app for U.S. hist.







tchr on history




























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7 responses to “Cartoons about History Teaching and Learning

  1. Here’s how comics can actually be used in a classsroom in a constructive way:

  2. art

    I used the last one [Feiffer?] for many years in my Viet Nam unit.

  3. JoeN

    Hard to beat Rudge, an Oxbridge entrant sixth former says in Alan Bennett’s ‘The History Boys,’ when asked by a teacher to define history….
    “It’s just one f****ing thing after another.”

  4. Carolina Rosa

    Hi! Do you know the author of the last cartoon? TIA!

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