Cartoons about Coding and High Tech for Young Children

As a follow-up to the previous post on coding for kindergartners, I have selected some cartoons about the unceasing and ever-escalating demands of schooling young children and current efforts to use high-tech devices. Cartoonists have a special angle on a topic often missing from how policymakers see the world. And best of all, cartoonists make their points using either a sledge-hammer or an ice pick rather than the tools policymakers use such as words and dollars. Enjoy!



'I just wanted to thank you for grounding me to my room for the weekend. I took the time to start a computer programming company, which earned me $13 million.'




'We     ... In class today.'







If I learn how to write Roman Numerals, will that help me write computer code?















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9 responses to “Cartoons about Coding and High Tech for Young Children

  1. Thanks Larry, Great insights as Englands schools introduce a new national curriculum called computing which includes coding,programming and computational thinking for all 5-18yr olds.

    Unsurprisingly the Government have grossly undersetimated the scale of the teacher cpd challenge so much that “more than half of teachers dont feel confident teaching the new curriculum”

  2. ps…had three weeks at Stanford in the summer and was a judge at the Stanford GSE EdTech Expo with Karin Forsell and colleagues………sorry didnt get round to touching base with you 🙂

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    Great cartoons lampooning the current bandwagon of coding for all students…

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    Terug een fijne selectie cartoons, met ook enkele klassiekers zoals deze van Glasbergen.

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