MOOCs and Online Instruction: Cartoons

Recently, I posted an update on MOOCs after three years in the hype cycle. Afterwards, I scoured the web for cartoons on MOOCs and its kissing cousin, online learning (aka elearning, distance education). Here are some that might make you smile, giggle, or even prompt a chuckle. If not, maybe you can point me to one that does get you to laugh. Until then, enjoy!









































online homework








early version of MOOCs













































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9 responses to “MOOCs and Online Instruction: Cartoons

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  2. I wish scholars would stop using elearning, online leaning, and MOOCs as synonymous terms. They CAN be related (due to the delivery via the web), but they can also vary broadly/greatly in terms of interaction, quality, and purpose. It’s causing mass confusion in the ed community, driven by perception, and frankly leaving many “elearning” opportunities misunderstood.

  3. That last one really hurts… are we selling degrees and how much are my degree worth, now? I definitely support the expansion of education through flexible formats such as e-learning and blended learning, but who is checking for standards and practices?

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