Cartoons about Perfection (Professionals and Others)

This month, I saw some stories about the “perfect” teacher and once ran a cartoon on the “perfect” online teacher.


Then I saw another cartoon by Robert Rendo that offered a scathing profile of what New York expects of its “perfect” teacher.

C5+copyHow about the “perfect” student?


Then I began to think of how cartoonists poked fun at other professions. Take physicians, for example.


Or this one of a “perfect” doctor reframing bad news:

perfect doctor

How about a “perfect” Information Technology (IT) engineer?

Perfect IT Engineer INFOGRAPHIC

Or a “perfect” lawyer.

perfect lawyer

How about the perfectionist historian?

historically inaccurate

Since I am on a roll, let’s look at perfection in other arenas.


Or the “perfect” blogger:

perfect blogger


For those who wish to see over a dozen other posts featuring cartoons, see here and here.

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