Cartoons from Robert Rendo

For this month’s feature on cartoons*, I chose a selection from Robert Rendo. We met through my blog and he sent along a sampling of his cartoons from which I selected some  on students and testing. He sent me the following description of himself.

Robert Rendo grew up in New Hyde Park, New York. He lives in New York City and in Massachusetts with his wife Rachel, an educator and children’s clothing designer.

Robert Rendo is an editorial illustrator and president of A native New Yorker, Mr. Rendo’s  work has earned him publication in the Op/Ed section of the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, and the Sacramento Bee. Recently, Rendo designed the logo, masthead, and branding for educational historian Diane Ravitch’s Network for Public Education. His images can also be found on Stephen Krashen’s blog, Education Notes Online, and the blog “Susan Ohanian Speaks Out”.

“I hope to provoke all readers,” says Rendo. “Editorial art is a precise genre.”

When asked how he foresees illustration in media, Rendo said, “I think it’ll be shared more equally between hardcopy and the internet. For me, It’s more satisfying to hold a periodical in your fingers and turn the pages. Whatever the format, illustration will always help chronicle the follies of man. And we humans screwing up never seems to be out of vogue. “

C59 copy

C119 copy 1

C17 copy

education 2 copy 5

C63 copy 3

C51 copy copy

fat cat 1 copy 3


In previous months, the following cartoons have been posted:  “Digital Kids in School,” “Testing,” “Blaming Is So American,”  “Accountability in Action,” “Charter Schools,” and “Age-graded Schools,” Students and Teachers, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Digital Teachers, Addiction to Electronic DevicesTesting, Testing, and Testing, Business and Schools, Common Core Standards, Problems and Dilemmas, Digital Natives (2),  Online Courses,  , Students and Teachers Again, “Doctors and Teachers,Parent/teacher conferences, Preschools,”and “Life at Lincoln Middle School.”



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8 responses to “Cartoons from Robert Rendo

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  2. Jim

    How would you compare America’s exam educational culture with exam testing in East Asian educational culture? China and Japan make an interesting contrast in this regard. China has a long tradition of the extensive use of written exams in selecting people for elite positions. My understanding is that this extensive reliance on high-stakes written exams was uncommon in Japanese history, at least until relatively recently.
    What are your thoughts on the long term effects of such an exam culture particularly on how the differences in this regard between China and Japan may have influenced their respective histoties?

  3. Love the cartoons! And we wonder why depression, anxiety, and binge drinking are so pervasive on college campuses!

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