Cartoons on Principals

Some school-site principals have been the subject of films (e.g.,  Joe Clark– in “Lean on Me”) and some have been caricatured (e.g., the fictitious Edward Rooney in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”). Both political realities–someone has to be in charge to manage a school building and staff of teachers, secretaries, aides, and custodians–and research studies position the principal as the key player in mobilizing teachers, students, and parents to put into practice school and district goals. Their importance, of course, only sharpens the pen that cartoonists wield in poking at the different roles (e.g., managerial, political, and instructional) that principals perform daily and the inevitable dilemmas that they face. As part of a monthly feature*, here are a few cartoons. Enjoy.

cartoon prin: tchr

mission statement chorus

no negative press

Stays in vegas

school reform

principal hiring tchr


hug a principal



*In previous months, the following cartoons have been posted:  “Digital Kids in School,” “Testing,” “Blaming Is So American,”  “Accountability in Action,” “Charter Schools,” and “Age-graded Schools,” Students and Teachers, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Digital Teachers, Addiction to Electronic DevicesTesting, Testing, and Testing, Business and Schools, Common Core Standards, Problems and Dilemmas, Digital Natives (2),  Online Courses,  , Students and Teachers Again, “Doctors and Teachers,Parent/teacher conferences, and “Preschools.”


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6 responses to “Cartoons on Principals

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  2. Fantastic piece. Hilarious, yet tragic.

    Principals spend far too much time politicking with taxpayers to get budgets passed rather than conferring with faculty as a “critical friend” on pedagogy and cognition. This would not be the case if if did not have to vote on our budgets every year and if we received more trickle down money from especially our Federal tax dollars, which go to fund bailing out banks, Iraq, Afghanistan, and offshore taxhavens for Apple, inc.

    The use of our Federal dollars is a depraved one.

    This all impacts the way our schools are set up and managed.

    And just one more about great prinicipals (there a tons of them!) and the dilemma they now face in this storm of reform. Take a look:

  3. Always worth a visit here :>)
    Have to share this with my colleagues now…

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