Cartoons: Doctors and Teachers

Over the past three years, I have written posts about teachers and doctors comparing and contrasting the two professions on uses of technology, pay-for-performance, reliance on research, and similar topics. For this month’s cartoon entry,* I have chosen a few that got me smiling, chuckling, and even laughing, yes, out loud. Perhaps, you will enjoy some.130128_cn-surgery-1_p465




doc empathy




PHD literature


*For earlier monthly posts featuring cartoons, see: “Digital Kids in School,” “Testing,” “Blaming Is So American,”  “Accountability in Action,” “Charter Schools,” and “Age-graded Schools,” Students and Teachers, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Digital Teachers, Addiction to Electronic DevicesTesting, Testing, and Testing, Business and Schools, Common Core Standards, Problems and Dilemmas, Digital Natives (2),  Online Courses,  and Students and Teachers Again.



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3 responses to “Cartoons: Doctors and Teachers

  1. Jeffrey Bowen

    These cartoons are really amusing–appreciate your collecting and displaying them! By coincidence, I’ve been developing a comparison of K-12 schools and hospitals, having had experience in both over the years. Central to the comparison are doctors and teachers, but my analysis is broader and deals with the relationship between institutions as well as doctors versus teachers. I have been intrigued by this week’s “expose” of health costs published in Time Magazine. Of course, there are myriad contrasts involved, and one could argue that a more relevant comparison would be between hospitals and universities. My purpose, nonetheless, is to look critically at what problems one finds in schools that could be addressed by hospital practices, and vice versa. Your upcoming book on this topic may well develop the reciprocal problem-solving idea much further. I would welcome input from you and from anyone who keeps in touch through your blog. Thanks, and best regards, Jeff Bowen (

    • larrycuban

      I know, Jeff, that other readers of this blog share our interests in comparing physicians and teachers/hospitals and schools/medical care and schooling. Perhaps they will get in touch and let’s see what happens.

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