The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Teaching and Learning with Technology:

In these postings, I have moved often between policy and practice, between decisions made in offices and what happens in classrooms.

The next two blogs (I will finish them shortly) will focus on classroom teaching with technology. The “good” speaks to the many Clint Eastwood-like teachers and students who have embraced high-tech devices swiftly and integrated them creatively into daily lessons. The “bad” refers to the many Lee van Cleef-like villains whose company ads unrelentingly hype new devices as the solution to every student learning problem from reading to acne. The Ugly are the Eli Wallach-like teachers and students whose sense of humor sees both the upside and downside of classroom technology. Yeah, I know this is a stretch to compare a classic 1966 western to teacher and student use of classroom technology–certainly not as simple as the comparison of a heart to a pump–but stick with me on this.


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